Hands On History

Grades 2-3 This program is located at the Campbell Historical Museum and allows students to discover the by gone days of the Santa Clara Valley through four interactive exhibit stations focusing the following themes: Community, Home Life, Recreation, and Work. The program is interactive for students, allowing them the opportunity to experience history through their senses and critical thinking skills. ​ Program Includes Four interactive exhibit stations Community: General Store explores life before large supermarkets: students barter with a shop keeper, explore hands on items that would be found in a General Store Home Life: Key Ingredients follows the six women from the Ohlone (pre-European

History Detectives

Recommended for grades 3-4 This program is located at the historical Ainsley House where students explore the agricultural history of Santa Clara Valley, explore the continuity and change of the local community, understand why people moved to the Valley, and learn about Mr. Ainsley's story. He was an immigrant who came to Campbell in 1886. His story demonstrates how and why immigrants moved to the Santa Clara Valley and how they helped shape the landscape and local economy. He was a pioneer in fruit canning in the Valley who helped to put the region on the global map, making it The Valley of the Hearts Delight. Students will use their observation and critical thinking skills to analyze pr

General Store

Campbell's general stores were a vital part of commerce in the bustling nineteenth-century town. Artifacts and photographs in this exhibit tell the story of early general stores and their roles as places of business and community gathering spaces.

Museum Education Grant

The Campbell Museum Foundation offers scholarships for schools that need help paying for field trip admission or transportation to the museums. The Foundation allots $10,000 for schools in need to participate in the on site programs. The funds are available on a first come basis and are distributed until used up. Please see the Grant Form for criteria to receive grant funds. The Foundation does require that classes send Thank you letters to the Museum Foundation. This is an opportunity for the students to retell what they learned, demonstrate appreciation, work on handwriting and letter writing skills, as well as help the Museum understand what elements of the Museum appealed to the stude

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The  Campbell Museums' mission is to interpret and preserve the history of the Campbell area from its early beginnings to today and to relate that history within the context of the Santa Clara Valley region.

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