Help Support the Campbell Museums.

Help Support the Campbell Museums.

These are unprecedented times and the Campbell Museums are facing an uncertain future. Most of the Museum staff has been laid off with a remaining staff of two.  The Museums will be closed for educational and in-person exhibits and events for the foreseeable future.  We are striving to keep our doors open in any way we can. We are seeking donations from our supporters beginning at the $20 level.  If you choose to donate more, wonderful--please add products to achieve the donation level you feel comfortable with.  If you cannot donate at this time, we still thank you for your support and interest in the Campbell Museums.

We hope to work on quality virtual programming for tours, exhibits, educational opportunities, and possibly live events.  This will take time and investment but Museums are not just about exploring the past.  They are community organizations that help move people into the future.   Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you again -in person--soon!


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    The  Campbell Museums' mission is to interpret and preserve the history of the Campbell area from its early beginnings to today and to relate that history within the context of the Santa Clara Valley region.

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