The Wonders of Celluloid: "What's in the Box?" Box 2-Object #7

What's in the Box? Join me as I explore one of the artifacts found in Box #2. This week: Celluloid.

Museum artifacts have many stories they can tell! You can explore what materials they are made of, how they were made, who made them, how they were used, or how they changed society – and so much more! Think of this video as the abridged history behind the material of celluloid, where I explore just a few chapters of its story.

I challenge you to take a look at the objects around you and think about all the stories they have to tell!

This video is part of our "What's in the Box" series, so check-out the playlist for "What's in the Box: Box #2" to see more abridged object histories, as well as behind the scenes museum work.

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Music: Kevin_MacLeod_-_Autumn_Day Kevin_MacLeod_-_Ghost_Dance

Intro and end graphics: Ryan Mealiffe Research completed with the help of wonderful Campbell Museums volunteers!

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