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We are no longer taking double-class field trips.
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Campbell Museums Field Trip Program:
Hands-on History

The Campbell Historical Museum offers an on-site education program: Hands-on History for 2nd and 3rd grades. 

The program offers students the opportunity to learn historical content through interactive hands-on exploration. Students will have a chance to look, listen, touch, taste, and play with history.  The program is designed to teach critical thinking skills across disciplines and to develop historical empathy.

 Hands-on History Supports the Common Core Curriculum:

  • Building Strong Content Knowledge: Expands student's knowledge of social studies through listening, discussion, and hands-on activities

  • Comprehending and Critiquing: Discussions and activities during the programs allow students to compare and question assumptions about current and historical ideas that provide engaged and open-minded debates.

  • Evaluating Evidence: Students evaluate primary sources such as artifacts and photographs to support learning across content areas. This allows students to use their reasoning skills in real-life scenarios.

  • Coming to Understand Other Perspectives and Cultures: The programs are designed to develop historical empathy: the ability to understand and appreciate what life was like for people who lived in a different time and place.

Please Consider

·    There is a minimum charge of $120 for 20 students or fewer; additional students are $6 each.

·    Hands-on History has a maximum student capacity of 30 students. Please discuss with a Museum Staff member if there are special exceptions by calling or emailing before making a reservation.

·    Teachers, aides, and chaperones are free.

·    Programs are available Monday - Friday.

·    Programs begin at 9 am and end between 11:30 am -12 pm.

For More Information:

 Please contact Kerry Perkins, Museum Supervisor at

Call or text at (408) 866-2718


Campbell Historical Museum
51 N. Central Ave,
Campbell, CA 95008
Ainsley House

300 Grant St.

Campbell, CA 95008

Field Trips are from 9am-12pm Mon-Fri Oct-June

Mailing Address
51 N. Central Ave, Campbell, CA 95008
Main Office Line

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