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Help the Campbell Museums

Document the COVID 19 Pandemic

It is important to document this historic time. Museums will use these primary sources of diaries, journals, letters, texts, emails, images, videos, art, etc., to curate what the community and the world experienced during the COVID 19 Global pandemic.


We hope that you will want to share your story with us.  Please click on the Share Your Story image and fill out the Google Form:

If you have questions regarding documenting your experience or would like to send the Campbell Museums digital information or digital visuals, please do not hesitate to contact: Anna Rosenbluth (Museum Curator) or Kerry Perkins (Museum Supervisor). At this time we are not collecting any physical objects or meeting people in person.

Suggestions for documenting your life:

  • Keep a Journal!  Even if it's one sentence a day. If you don't feel like you can write about your day in detail, don't despair!  

  • Themed Journals

  • Memory Books

  • Sketchbook or Art Journals

  • Photo Books

  • Blog

  • Post on Facebook

  • Write letters

Suggestions for items to collect that represent this unprecedented crisis:

  • art

  • images

  • diaries/ journals

  • letters

  • signs: closed signs for businesses/ signs that remind people to practice social distance, etc.

  • unused face masks

  • unused gloves

  • medical paperwork

  • Official documents

  • Unused toilet paper

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Soap

  • Box of Cleaning Wipes

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